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Benefits Delivered

East Angel delivers sustainable procurement value through cost savings, increased quality, and service.

The Sourcing Co works for you as an extension of your business in helping you grow and scale.

Whether you are looking to understand the opportunity within a new market, assess your service portfolio, evaluate the competitive landscape, or better understand your customers, we can help you by designing a custom research study for your unique needs.

Receive unique insights

Procurement Intelligence from East Angel delivers you insight into categories and markets to enable effective procurement decisions.


The East Angel is a leader in product development, outsourcing and manufacturing services through our streamlined process and "factory-direct" approach that never compromises on quality.


Globalization of markets comes with increased risks and opportunities. To sustain competitive advantage it is necessary to consistently integrate both global and local intelligence. East Angel meets this challenge through its network of operations that span the key markets of Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.


We have a diverse team that have a deep understanding of the Asia-Pacific business environment, which we use to find the perfect sourcing agent for you, within our vast network of partners.

Benefit from our expertise

Through our systematic and local supplier relationship management we keep your requirements in the forefront of the suppliers mind throughout the supply contract.

We work with small to multi-national companies that are looking to procure goods and services from emerging markets for export or to support their local operations.

Through our objective and rigorous sourcing process we help our clients comply with CSR requirements, international corruption legislation and increase the standards of contracted suppliers.

As a Procurement Service Provider working for multiple companies, we can achieve economies of scale which a client on a standalone basis could not leverage. We accomplish this through aggregating spend across multiple customers for the same category, investing in deep category knowledge and expertise, and lastly through negotiating leverage deals with suppliers.

A key success factor for East Angel is engaging the business stakeholders from the beginning to ensure the demand is truly understood and the sourcing model aligns to the operating model.

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